Distinguished Educators

Our world-class teachers are professional educators who hold degrees from some of the best universities in the country. They have a variety of academic backgrounds and a wide range of experience.  Every member of our staff is committed to helping students achieve their greatest potential.

Faculty, Staff, and Email Addresses


  • V. Rev. Emilian Dorosh, O.S.B.M., Pastor  
  • Andrew Stasiw,  Principal  -  stasiw@sga.nyc
  • Irene Saviano, Office Manager  - saviano@sga.nyc
  • Stephanie Saviano, Receptionist - stephsaviano@sga.nyc
  • Nicole Giovenco, Director of Student Services/Guidance Counselor
  -   giovenco@sga.nyc
  • Anna Bachynskaia, Music Education/Chorus  -  bachynskaia@sga.nyc
  • Raymond Polanco, Spanish & Physical Education -  polanco@sga.nyc
  • Iryna Chuyan, ESL and Ukrainian  -  chuyan@sga.nyc
  • Dr. Kim Halverson, Mathematics, SAT Math, Pre Calculus, Survey of Philosophy  -  halverson@sga.nyc
  • Subdeacon Vitaliy Kit, Religious  Studies and Computer Coding  -  kit@sga.nyc
  • Joseph Puliafito, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, Health, Computer Science  -  puliafito@sga.nyc
  • Elizabeth Donovan, US History, Global History, Government, Journalism, and Economics  - donovan@sga.nyc
  • Lileya Wasylko, English, Creative Writing -  wasylko@sga.nyc
  • Suzana Lipovac, Earth Science, Living Environment - lipovac@sga.nyc