Admissions & Tuition


 We enroll students of various ethnic backgrounds who are bright, curious, motivated and show strong academic potential. Saint George Academy is committed to academic excellence and the spiritual and social development of every student. 


Tuition: $7,500 per year 

Initial Registration:  $500 (includes general fees) Scholarships and Financial Aid are available for those who qualify.

General Fees: $350 for grades 10-12

Tuition is paid in ten equal monthly installments, and is due on the 10th of every month.

Fundraising Participation

 In addition to tuition, every family is required to take part in three fundraising events each school year.  Attendance to SGA Chorus benefit performances are mandatory for all students.

Tuition is subsidized by the Order of Saint Basil and Saint George Church because the cost for educating every student is $15,000 per year.

Discounted Tuition*

The annual cost for every student at SGA is $15,000 per student.  Currently we offer tuition at $7,500 because of our subsidy from the Order of Saint Basil.  We are always striving to raise money in order to offer students with financial hardships aid or scholarship money for high academic acheivement.

Our school offers additional discounts for families with more than one child enrolled in the Academy. 

Scholarships & Financial Aid

At SGA, we offer scholarships and financial aid for eligible students.   Special consideration is given to students who show strong academic promise and athletic potential.


SGA is a diverse school with local and international students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.  Currently, the student body is:

  • 40% Caucasian
  • 31% Latino
  • 27% African American
  • 2% Asian